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We’re mobile search experts with more than 20 years combined experience in the online marketing space.

About us

Blackoptek Digital is a globally integrated customer and user acquisition firm. Our ops team is specialized in obtaining key data parameters about your customers and serving your brand, wherever they are, whenever they want to buy. With our performance-based model, surgical targeting, multi-platform outreach and advanced real-time reporting, we are sure to invigorate your brand or agencies marketing strategy.

Local Customer Acquisition (LCA) Specialists

Blackoptek Digital is a seasoned, headlining performance marketing agency with its operational tentacles spread globally.  Our arsenal of various customer acquisition methods make us key partners for our clients which range from global brands and agencies to direct advertisers. Our algorithmac approach to user analysis on multiple platforms , delivers new prospective customers to our partners by matching online demand for select services and products to live sales agents.

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